Services offered by Jurapartner

Jurapartner provides services meeting the highest professional and academic standards. Jurapartner is only offering services to professionals (i.e. not consumers). All services are carried out in either Danish or English. Assignments are only accepted within areas of expertice which include:

- Legal aspects of new technology
- Marketing law (unfair competition)
- International law and conflicts of law
- Legal Risk Management
- Open source and alternatives to copyright

Expert opinions

Expert opinions are are drafted in accordance with academic principles. A list of publications made by Jan Trzaskowski can be found at

Legal assistance

Legal assistance is offered on an hourly basis, and may be carried out on a case-by-case basis or as part-time inhouse counsel (freelance work).

Education and lectures

Jan Trzaskowski has many years of experience in higher education, and lectures and educational programmes can be tailor-made to meet your needs. If needed seminars may be carried out in collaboration with other professionals in the market. A list of lectures held by Jan Trzaskowski can be found at